Semi-fictional technology and business guide books

Welcome to the Carnsa Development Series. These are easy to read guides wrapped in fictional stories to learn subjects in about an hour by Chris Lewis. Inside, find at home scenarios with the Carnsa family, a quiz and resources to help continue your learning journey. 

Other resources on this site are available to inspire, support young children and perhaps even cause you to smile

Business Change Confusion:
Prepare, support and maintain
Get an understanding of using Change management models and principles.

Model Confusion

Kanban Confusion

Haley and Comet learn to plan with Kanban

Agile Confusion

BDD Confusion 

User Story Confusion

business_change ebook cover

Business Change Confusion

Haley and Comet learn about COVID-19

Haley and Comet Stay at Home


Chris Lewis has more than twenty years of experience in the technology and business industry. This includes work as a business analyst, project manager, trainer and coach. Chris believes in sharing knowledge in a fun way whenever possible. To get in touch click here.



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