Hi I'm Claudia. I'm a business analyst and enjoy creating fun technology projects for my family.  I am passionate about Agile, Business Analysis and sharing learning in a fun way. Let me introduce my adorable family to you. 


Barry is my handsome husband, the family diplomat. He is an engineer who put himself through college via a successful hair-modelling career. 

Bob (Robert)

Bob is my clever eldest son. At just eight years old, he is the family inventor. Modest and bright, we suspect he is a child genius. I think he wants to be an analyst in the future. He likes space and helped pick his youngest siblings names.


Haley is my adorable youngest daughter, who is looking forward to starting school. She is very close to her twin brother. She likes testing things, good design and eating cake.


Comet is my cheeky youngest son, who is looking forward to starting school. He is close to his twin sister, Haley. He likes testing things, good design and eating cake

Granny Angela

My mother is in her late eighties. I would describe her as a formidable no-nonsense type of lady. She retired more than twenty years ago after running a successful biomedical company. As a result, some of her views on how to run a project are outdated. Sometimes, she will agree and try new things—other times, she won't... 


Psst.... granny has a secret


Stevie is my eldest daughter, a practical and brilliant university student researcher. She doesn't live with us but visits often. 


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